Non-Ambitious Composing

This little piece of Keyboard music I made in ancient times, when I was prepared for the occasional jam session and the recording unit was on stand-by.

It is made out of the moment. It didn’t take time to polish or to complete the arrangement. Just an “out-of-the-box” – recording. The drum-track was added afterwards by a Roland Octapad. Drumming is my favourite kind of playing music. Next to it comes the Piano which I play only as unskilled auto-didact.

Her Craziness Miss Hagen

That woman was born Nina Hagen to the east german actress Eva-Maria Hagen and a not-so-important father, Hans Oliva-Hagen (the man committed suicide, sad to say). The lack of a father was the crucial point in Ninas life. Nina Hagen was a stage addict from her first steps on until recent. And she really turned her inside out when on stage and the beams fired into her face!

Her stepfather was east-german dissident Wolf Biermann (a Jew by birth but NOT by heart) who was up to be an iconic figurehead (Galionsfigur) of counter communism. Subsequently the communist leaders turned him down and forced him to leave the GDR. This caused a veritable shit-storm among the culture scene of the GDR. Lots of fellow artists joined Biermann and emigrated into the Bundesrepublik. Biermann was crushing into the heart of TV watchers by celebrating a victory performance live in the Koeln Arena. It was a serious defeat of communist party SED!

Afterwards, as restrictions were growing stronger and stronger, Nina Hagen decided to follow Wolf Biermann into his emigration. She left with nearly nothing but her super creative mind and a bunch of hot punk songs…and her violent screaming-linke voice, of course. After years in the centre of punk, London, she formed a new band in germanyand became a household number in west german music scene. She celebrated punk like no other german musician. Her first album became an international success. Many more came along…

…and after a spiritual world-trip from drugs to buddhism to hinduism to esoterics she finally had had dropped herself into the baptizing waters in a lower saxony lutheran church. STRIKE!

She came home.

And it is amazing how strong she stands her ground even though she’s teased and mocked by her former fans and followers…she gives a sh*t of them all and preaches the GOSPEL. This is what one super-natural power can do and how this (unnamed) power is working. I love Ninas Album “Personal Jesus” which is pure gospel…and I dedicate my little dumb artwork to her and to the super-natural power she’s been saved by.

Go, Nina, GO!

Nice artwork of Nina Hagen

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The Outside Has To Be Clean!?


The outside has to be very cleansed and shining.

It is not imaginable how in ancient times people managed to stay healthy. DID they stay healthy? In fact no. There was no knowledge about hygiene or viruses and bakteria. It was unknown how small these enemies were and it lasted until the 19th century that somebody explored the micro-world upon our skin.

I had to suufer from another infect recently which is always like the end of the world to me. During my parcel service job I used to wash my hands with desinfection due to have a chance against bakteria infections. Now that I am at home I wasn’t prepared for the next attack. I couldn’t stand my ground.


Sagrotan Pappschild Einlage

I had to take some steps for the better. First I bought a little automatic soap spender with desinfectouus soap in it. Yeah, it works very well! I’m getting healthier day by day now – only by FAITH. By my little strong FAITH.

Music Of The Day: “Toccata” from “Suite Gothique” by Leon Boellman

What Is YOUR identity?

“Uhmmm….think think think….?!??!!”

Never thought about that before??


So, how can you live without a personal identity? Is it your credit card which tells others WHO you are?

Is it your passport or your identity card (sic!) that tells others about your identity?

Is it your famous house, boat, horse ranch and the occasional blondie serving you these occasional cups of coffee?!

Or is it your fantastic drive on the next golf course? Your punch in the boxing ring? Your powershot with the forehand on the tennis-ground?

What ARE your personal and unique features (if it is possible to HAVE unique features AT ALL…)?


I guess you have an idea what to think

about tonight in front of the TV set…don’t you?!


It’s now over…

One or two weeks ago I was listening to the birds because they twittered like crazy. These birds knew these two weeks earlier that winter had gone. During these two weeks I was keenly looking for one last chance to go skiing!! Me wasn’t aware that this period of the year had gone. But now I can see it right before my very eyes:

  • the sun has gained enormous power!
  • the temperature rises far beyond the 10° Celsius which is totally UNcool!
  • the people who have gardens starting to plan their first tasks for the new garden season
  • maybe they order 10 or 27 new plants for their pleasure
  • As the prophete I am I’ll give an oracle(!): in the nearest future people will work topless in their gardens muttering and complaining that the sun crashes into the air like a wild horse…”uhmmm…the planet is too radiant today!!….*sheeeesh*…

    I was so hot on skiing that I couldn’t stop myself from buying a new alpine ski set. Even though I think NOW that it is not conform to the current season out there I will be satisfied NEXT winter season because I can immediately start into the adventure with my NEW equipment..*heyhey*. (Will show you pics after the parts have arrived).

    Now I can only share the sad and lonely view over an empty ski arena, this time it is Schoeneck of the Vogtland region of Saxony. The Vogtland is one of the most beautiful regions of entire Germany (oh yes, it IS!) and the city of Plauen is incredibly beautiful. This inner city is in my opinion right on top of the city of Dresden. But don’t talk about it because this is an open secret, ya know…?!

    Schoeneck has an alpine ski resort(!!) including three slopes of significant steepness…but far away from the alps. Nevertheless it is a beautiful opportunity for the quick sundowner on the hills. The horizon around this ski resort is sooo overwhelmingly beautiful you’ll stand there, looking and watching in awe! They’ve some gastronomy and hotellery, and are waiting for the rich Dubai Arab Sheiks to fly by. None of them ever has been spotted….*thankgod* :-))

    Song of the day:
    “The Sounds Of Silence” by Simon & Garfunkel

    Huette in Schoeneck


    Huette innen1

    Huettenwirt Terrasse



    Panorama Schenneck Piste

A GIANT step here

I was, after intense inquiring and study, finally able to figure out how to upload and publish pictures. Here are the pictures that belong to the post before this. One is a photo taken on the cemetary of Zwoenitz, and the other one is a song text of Mr.Leonard Cohen. Enjoy!

Me and I in a mirror
Here is a hidden person to be found.
Leonard is a jewish high priest
These lyrics are incredibly wise.

[It’s a pity. I never manage writing a text without 10 typos. After elimination of 8 out of ten I believe myself there is now NO OTHER TYPO. Whilst eliminating the 8 I may have added another 2 new typos. Maybe I am a hypotypo.]

Just A Short Introduction

I am 43 years old. I have no wife and no children. I live in saxony in a small town called Hartenstein. It is the best possible place for me to live. We have excellent traffic connections to the A 72 and to the A 4. It takes us 20 minutes to go to Chemnitz and 60 minutes to go to Dresden and 3 hours to go to Berlin.

My interests are sports (volleyball, tennis, skiing, table tennis, swimming, mountainbiking and car driving), literature, theology, arts, music and psychology. I have an intensive drive to help other people. I am focused on those who suffer and will always and ever feel with them. If I feel sad by myself I will either go drumming or listening to powerful music. (I will present you my favourite music later). There’s another helpful thing which isn’t suitable for being blogged.

I am a reader of some blogs around here…doesn’t matter which ones. Technically I am connected to the internet by  1und1 (german internet provider) with a max speed of 16.000 kbit per second. My devices are a stone-old PC, a Lenovo Yoga Tablet (which I love from the bottom of my heart) and a Samsung mobile phone (which I don’t love).

[One day later: I miss my Lenovo Yoga which I dropped

into a bowl full of water…fell asleep while taking a foot-bath.]

SO THE COCLUSION IS::::::::::::S H I T   H A P P E N S::::::::::::!:!::!:::!::::!::::

I had a little bit more than several occupations along the course of my life. Among them :

papermaker, textile industry mechanic, dyeing operator, forklifter driver, warehouse assistant, metal industry worker (mostly in the carproducing industry),  electrician, assembly line worker, kindergarten teacher, prototype welding assistant for ford transit, ebay professional dealer for KRÄNZLE high-pressure devices, worker in a metallurgic plant……maybe this is an incomplete list, but I don’t take a closer look

Right now I am working as a DP AG member but do not go out at the time for mystical and secret purposes. Later on I have to think new about my next Job and moneymaking efforts….hope I have a good idea next time.

Here are two crucial pictures I have made recently. One of them contains a glimpse at my Shyness. The other pic shows a lyrical text of one of my musical heroes, Leonard Cohen. He is well worth a literature nobel prize for his great and fantastic work. I am a board member at which I highly recommend to all and everyone out there.

So far — so long. First we take Manhattan, than we take–>> B E R L I N—->>

Song of the day: “Joshua fit the battle of Jericho” (by Kitago Voices)