Just A Short Introduction

I am 43 years old. I have no wife and no children. I live in saxony in a small town called Hartenstein. It is the best possible place for me to live. We have excellent traffic connections to the A 72 and to the A 4. It takes us 20 minutes to go to Chemnitz and 60 minutes to go to Dresden and 3 hours to go to Berlin.

My interests are sports (volleyball, tennis, skiing, table tennis, swimming, mountainbiking and car driving), literature, theology, arts, music and psychology. I have an intensive drive to help other people. I am focused on those who suffer and will always and ever feel with them. If I feel sad by myself I will either go drumming or listening to powerful music. (I will present you my favourite music later). There’s another helpful thing which isn’t suitable for being blogged.

I am a reader of some blogs around here…doesn’t matter which ones. Technically I am connected to the internet by  1und1 (german internet provider) with a max speed of 16.000 kbit per second. My devices are a stone-old PC, a Lenovo Yoga Tablet (which I love from the bottom of my heart) and a Samsung mobile phone (which I don’t love).

[One day later: I miss my Lenovo Yoga which I dropped

into a bowl full of water…fell asleep while taking a foot-bath.]

SO THE COCLUSION IS::::::::::::S H I T   H A P P E N S::::::::::::!:!::!:::!::::!::::

I had a little bit more than several occupations along the course of my life. Among them :

papermaker, textile industry mechanic, dyeing operator, forklifter driver, warehouse assistant, metal industry worker (mostly in the carproducing industry),  electrician, assembly line worker, kindergarten teacher, prototype welding assistant for ford transit, ebay professional dealer for KRÄNZLE high-pressure devices, worker in a metallurgic plant……maybe this is an incomplete list, but I don’t take a closer look

Right now I am working as a DP AG member but do not go out at the time for mystical and secret purposes. Later on I have to think new about my next Job and moneymaking efforts….hope I have a good idea next time.

Here are two crucial pictures I have made recently. One of them contains a glimpse at my Shyness. The other pic shows a lyrical text of one of my musical heroes, Leonard Cohen. He is well worth a literature nobel prize for his great and fantastic work. I am a board member at www.leonardcohenforum.com which I highly recommend to all and everyone out there.

So far — so long. First we take Manhattan, than we take–>> B E R L I N—->>

Song of the day: “Joshua fit the battle of Jericho” (by Kitago Voices)

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