It’s now over…

One or two weeks ago I was listening to the birds because they twittered like crazy. These birds knew these two weeks earlier that winter had gone. During these two weeks I was keenly looking for one last chance to go skiing!! Me wasn’t aware that this period of the year had gone. But now I can see it right before my very eyes:

  • the sun has gained enormous power!
  • the temperature rises far beyond the 10° Celsius which is totally UNcool!
  • the people who have gardens starting to plan their first tasks for the new garden season
  • maybe they order 10 or 27 new plants for their pleasure
  • As the prophete I am I’ll give an oracle(!): in the nearest future people will work topless in their gardens muttering and complaining that the sun crashes into the air like a wild horse…”uhmmm…the planet is too radiant today!!….*sheeeesh*…

    I was so hot on skiing that I couldn’t stop myself from buying a new alpine ski set. Even though I think NOW that it is not conform to the current season out there I will be satisfied NEXT winter season because I can immediately start into the adventure with my NEW equipment..*heyhey*. (Will show you pics after the parts have arrived).

    Now I can only share the sad and lonely view over an empty ski arena, this time it is Schoeneck of the Vogtland region of Saxony. The Vogtland is one of the most beautiful regions of entire Germany (oh yes, it IS!) and the city of Plauen is incredibly beautiful. This inner city is in my opinion right on top of the city of Dresden. But don’t talk about it because this is an open secret, ya know…?!

    Schoeneck has an alpine ski resort(!!) including three slopes of significant steepness…but far away from the alps. Nevertheless it is a beautiful opportunity for the quick sundowner on the hills. The horizon around this ski resort is sooo overwhelmingly beautiful you’ll stand there, looking and watching in awe! They’ve some gastronomy and hotellery, and are waiting for the rich Dubai Arab Sheiks to fly by. None of them ever has been spotted….*thankgod* :-))

    Song of the day:
    “The Sounds Of Silence” by Simon & Garfunkel

    Huette in Schoeneck


    Huette innen1

    Huettenwirt Terrasse



    Panorama Schenneck Piste

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