My First Posting Is Out!

Hi Folks.

It’s gone be no earth- moving event to start this blog. The earth stays unshaken but the hands writing here are zittrig.

To tell the truth I was a blog addicted guy who sacrificed the best years of his life to the internet. Nearly seven years of blogging, daily marathons in front of the screen.

No matter how tired, how exhausted he has been, the man kept clicking…


The time: running out. Not only his sleep-time but his life-time.

Life?? Whaaaaaat life?? No such thing to be found on his record. Not a life but a stumbling trott. No success at all but mistakes and losses all along the way.

Would he ever be able to leave his blogs alone? Would anybody come and see him suffering? Would it be possible to destroy the chains binding him? It was terrible and dangerous…but the problem was solved and the man strolled back into REAL life.

Now I am here, looking out for friends. Looking forward to some decent text creations. I am not a skilled writer but an experienced life-watcher. I have learned a whole lot of crucial things one needs in life. It has been a challenge to come so far, and it will be another challenge not to fall right back into ancient textures. Let’ s see how destiny will lead…..

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