Bergmann / wooden sculpture

My neighbour has been a gifted handcraftsman for all his life. He has many skills, among them is a talent and a expert knowledge for wood carving.

He does this all through the winter time and has created really wonderful things. It is a science of tis own to find the figure inside the original wood-block which the 
work starts with.

He was explaining a lot to me but I didn't notice. I do not have the patience it needs to sit there and carve one millimeter besides the next millimeter, hour after hour. This takes a special discipline and a strong motivation to stay calm, stay relaxed but very, very much concentrated and totally focused on the object. Here is what he has done lately.

wooden figure on table

wood carved figure 

Figur aus Lindenholz 

Bergmann aus Holz mit Hacke 

Schwarzes Schaf 

worker wood carved figure

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