One Failed Life

I do not know exactly. I do not want to judge. Correct me if I’m wrong but a life that stops abruptly by suicide, taking an amount of 149 other lifes as a sacrifice – that life I dare to call a FAILED one.

Andreas Lubitz has had to kill himself due to an outrage of despair. Has had to kill himself due to complete lack of counseling, due to lack of any way out of the diseases he had found himself in. We do see the surface of it: depressions. We do have the diagnosis of clinic psychiatrists. Depressions.

At the end of the day we DO know that there’s a second level beneath the first one. The second level isn’t easy to access. So it’s plain clear that the THIRD level is only accessable by lifting the plaid on the first and on the second level of one’s personality.

The man we’re talking about has had a serious problem with himself and with his image. The man he was, the husband he was (not), the woman he courteously loved – all of that was wrong. It WAS not he. It was – – – a FAKE.

Andreas Lubitz felt he had to become gay. All he knew was: I love MEN. It is a lie and not MY person that builds a house, that builds a marriage, that builds a career.

We germans are not ALLOWED to talk about such things. We germans are teached by ALL and every instance that being GAY is a blessing. Being GAY and coming out is just the highlight of one’s life!! I have experienced the holiness in being gay as a scholar in my kindergarten-teacher school. We had a gay person there that came over us like a missionary, preaching the gospel of GAY families. She sat down at the teachers table and preached about how much better the parenthood becomes if two women are father and mother. NICE!

Hooray for GAY???

Not really. Not seriously. Not in reality. Coming out as a GAY person is nothing else but the SUPER GAU. It is the loss of every future perspective. It is the end of life as a “normal person”. The inner conflicts, the shame, the shame and the shame again are disturbing, if not destroying one’s mental health. Period.

Andreas Lubitz was unable to communicate about his inner conflicts. Nobody would have helped him – for giving HELP to the holy GAY people is not acceptable in Germany. Everybody who even articulates that being gay is like pain in the ass (sic!) will face the ultimate SHIT-storm. So, nobody is able to help gay people. They’re up to mental diseases and suicide pressure more and more.

And now? If you ask ME, recognizing one’s gay tendencies is the ultimate fail which is very hard to face by a man that tries to become LUFTHANSA Pilot.

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