On The Rise

Once ago we all were little boys, little girls. We all were innocent, pure, beloved children. We all were free, full of trust, full of hope and full of life’s power.

In our drive to strive, in our wishes and dreams we were able and ready to conquer our world. Now, after a bunch of years, a bunch of roses and a bunch of thorns, we look back in anger.

We are tall men, we are lovely, nice, and beautiful women. But where has the life-power gone?? Where is the rest auf our idealistic drive to conquer the world? Our idealistic drive to CHANGE the world?

It has gone.

It is lost to translation. Lost IN transformation. A Transformation into a forced profession, or shall we say “occupation”?! This occupation occupies our life, disassociates us from our inner child, which was whole, unscathed, safe and sound. This occupation fills our bank account and empties our hearts. It takes away all the most needed time for recreation, relaxation, and for spiritual health!!!!!!!!

No longer available are safety, healthiness, idealism, purity and hope. Replaced instead with disappointments, hurts, losses, defeats and sickness. That’s the way life goes.

I have to present you with some Pics of a wonderful boy, who is a wholesome, loevely, energy-driven little “man” rocking his small world with great power. His name (the name always MATTERS!) is Levi – a speaking name taken out of the bible.

Song of the day:

“High High High” by Sandra and Michael Cretu

H A P P Y E A S T E R D A Y S T O E V E R Y O N E .

boy giving a hand

trainer and sports boy

climbing a tree

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