The Innermost Decisions

Here I am with the spiritual outcome of a wonderful if not AWESOME easter sunday.

Instead of attending the sunday service of local lutheran church I decided to take a walk along the most beautiful landscape I am able to reach by car. This landscape is for me like a little paradise, in a way of a pre-valent heaven.

I always appreciated GODs nature and creation. A day like last sunday is a perfect creation of wholesome holiness, with a magical mysterically power of healing. It starts with the blurring sunbeams, moves on to the trees full of opening buds and doesn’t end with the smell of an arousing, fertile and wettish soil.

There’s music in the air. There’s wind in my hair. There’s a deerstand everywhere.

I felt the urge to take 267 photos of all of the beauty but realized that this could NOT be useful. Taking photos immediately distracts you from the genuine access to the pure nature and to the spirit of the morning.

Taking photos is kind of counter-productive for a spiritual experience.

Nevertheless I could not longer withstand this urgent drive when I met with this beautiful ponds between the woodlands and the meadows….it’s only natural.

I am extremely “pond-fond” or better pointed out: “fond of ponds” – a feature I was simply born with. According to that I like everything that swims, everything that dives, and everything that flows. I used to build great and large dam-projects, finally leading one ore another little creek into a very new streambed. (I use to return to the places of my childhood to check for the state of wellfare of my childhood projects! And yes – my dams stand their ground, no matter what! *yee-haw*)

Enough words for the moment, let us now come to the interesting thing here: the pictures. I invested more than dirty shoes but even dirty trousers and hands to manage taking these. Have fun – enjoy!

[There are captions added to each and every photo but be aware that this doesn’t necessarily mean there’s something informative in it. Take it nice and easy.]

this is a structure without structure

This is a structure without structure…

there are mystical secrets inscripted into the tree

Mystical secrets inscripted here…

my hand heals the tree with supernatural healing power

Elton John was aware of his healing hands – me tooo….

church in gothic style

We germans DO have a need for a “church inside the church” – really!

wooden pole under water

Time will tell us the truth no matter what about….

wooden pole penetrating the earth

You may feel like there’s an “upside-down”-feature but NO: this pole came out of heaven right in front of my camera….

the surface of heaven is a rippled one
The surface of heaven is a rippled one
the german landscape is more than beautiful
The german landscape is more than beautiful

Thank you for attending this nature-bounded divine service with me. Do me a favour and spread the word on your blog.Thanks in advance.

On The Rise

Once ago we all were little boys, little girls. We all were innocent, pure, beloved children. We all were free, full of trust, full of hope and full of life’s power.

In our drive to strive, in our wishes and dreams we were able and ready to conquer our world. Now, after a bunch of years, a bunch of roses and a bunch of thorns, we look back in anger.

We are tall men, we are lovely, nice, and beautiful women. But where has the life-power gone?? Where is the rest auf our idealistic drive to conquer the world? Our idealistic drive to CHANGE the world?

It has gone.

It is lost to translation. Lost IN transformation. A Transformation into a forced profession, or shall we say “occupation”?! This occupation occupies our life, disassociates us from our inner child, which was whole, unscathed, safe and sound. This occupation fills our bank account and empties our hearts. It takes away all the most needed time for recreation, relaxation, and for spiritual health!!!!!!!!

No longer available are safety, healthiness, idealism, purity and hope. Replaced instead with disappointments, hurts, losses, defeats and sickness. That’s the way life goes.

I have to present you with some Pics of a wonderful boy, who is a wholesome, loevely, energy-driven little “man” rocking his small world with great power. His name (the name always MATTERS!) is Levi – a speaking name taken out of the bible.

Song of the day:

“High High High” by Sandra and Michael Cretu

H A P P Y E A S T E R D A Y S T O E V E R Y O N E .

boy giving a hand

trainer and sports boy

climbing a tree