This Short Cut!

People’s destiny is often similar to a tuna fish and a fisherman.

Life offers you a koeder [bait]; you’re driven to snap and swallow it. So the fisherman has hooked you – and his only purpose NOW is: to drill the tuna. [you may read “to fight the tuna” while “drilling” is the german word that speaks phonetically more than “fight”]

Big Fish Monster Of The Seas

Some tunas are a muscle-packed bundle full of energy. The drill will go on for hours and hours. Who is the first to resign – the first to SURRENDER ? No, not the fisherman. He is ready to fix his line for an occasional relax cigarette before he goes on drilling, with a certain amount of satisfaction and a rudely grinning face.

The tuna is less lucky. His body cries for relaxation that he will not get. He has to fight unless one of two options takes over: his exhaustedness forces him to let go – the fisherman wins. The tuna is now lifted out of his element, fixed to the ground by a cruel foot in boots, where he receives a final stab into his head.

His fight has not payed off for him. He who is chosen by destiny may just incidentally tear and tear and tear again; — finally ripping the hook off! his mouth, leaving the place seriously wounded, but


One out of a hundred could be the applicable quota….

…thats what destiny may hold for you; and may NOT hold for ME.


And this is what destiny holds for tunas respectively
for marlins, while Ernest comes along!

most wanted death or alive marlins plus hemingway

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