A Plan For Your Future

It is quite an essentially human behaviour to think about and to make plans for ones future…isn’t it?

When do we start thinking and planning…is it as a teenager? Is it after the first certificate of our school? Is it during our first relationship? Whatever….!

In fact, we all have learned, that there is NO GUARANTEE for the fullfillment of our plans. Most of them don’t even manage it to the startline! Others come to pass, others become a fail….and we do not know which plan will work.

We are put down to this earth without our permission. Or have YOU been asked for your permission to be born?? You could not have known the right answer. A NO wouldn’t be accepted, I suppose.

If you’re ready for life and have started yet to make plans for your future you can use a wonderful opportunity. Just create a follow-up for all your basic plans. How to do?? It’s easy. You have to go to the following webservice:

Mail From The Past To The Future

You will immediately be invited to create a Future Mail, which means simply that you write a Mail to yourself – receiving the letter by means of a ghost (named Internet) at a date you are free to choose. Say you are born on 05-12-1987. You are set up to write a mail to remind you of any given plan you’ve made. You let the service work for your wished date, i.e. your bithday after 3 years. So you can look back onto the last 3 years and on the positive or negative outcome of that time.

[phantasy]You plan at your 16th birthday to be married 6 years later. You create a mail to self at the futuremail service and let these 6 years rush through. The mail is delivered right on your 22th birthday, asking you: are you married yet, client? WHY? WHY NOT? [/phantasy]

It’s an easy way to stick to one’s plans and to have a little bit of checking the fullfillment stats. Try it…I’ve done it all before and was satisfied with the product. *yeah*

Song of the day: “Child In Time”  by Deep Purple

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