The Outside Has To Be Clean!?


The outside has to be very cleansed and shining.

It is not imaginable how in ancient times people managed to stay healthy. DID they stay healthy? In fact no. There was no knowledge about hygiene or viruses and bakteria. It was unknown how small these enemies were and it lasted until the 19th century that somebody explored the micro-world upon our skin.

I had to suufer from another infect recently which is always like the end of the world to me. During my parcel service job I used to wash my hands with desinfection due to have a chance against bakteria infections. Now that I am at home I wasn’t prepared for the next attack. I couldn’t stand my ground.


Sagrotan Pappschild Einlage

I had to take some steps for the better. First I bought a little automatic soap spender with desinfectouus soap in it. Yeah, it works very well! I’m getting healthier day by day now – only by FAITH. By my little strong FAITH.

Music Of The Day: “Toccata” from “Suite Gothique” by Leon Boellman

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