Her Craziness Miss Hagen

That woman was born Nina Hagen to the east german actress Eva-Maria Hagen and a not-so-important father, Hans Oliva-Hagen (the man committed suicide, sad to say). The lack of a father was the crucial point in Ninas life. Nina Hagen was a stage addict from her first steps on until recent. And she really turned her inside out when on stage and the beams fired into her face!

Her stepfather was east-german dissident Wolf Biermann (a Jew by birth but NOT by heart) who was up to be an iconic figurehead (Galionsfigur) of counter communism. Subsequently the communist leaders turned him down and forced him to leave the GDR. This caused a veritable shit-storm among the culture scene of the GDR. Lots of fellow artists joined Biermann and emigrated into the Bundesrepublik. Biermann was crushing into the heart of TV watchers by celebrating a victory performance live in the Koeln Arena. It was a serious defeat of communist party SED!

Afterwards, as restrictions were growing stronger and stronger, Nina Hagen decided to follow Wolf Biermann into his emigration. She left with nearly nothing but her super creative mind and a bunch of hot punk songs…and her violent screaming-linke voice, of course. After years in the centre of punk, London, she formed a new band in germanyand became a household number in west german music scene. She celebrated punk like no other german musician. Her first album became an international success. Many more came along…

…and after a spiritual world-trip from drugs to buddhism to hinduism to esoterics she finally had had dropped herself into the baptizing waters in a lower saxony lutheran church. STRIKE!

She came home.

And it is amazing how strong she stands her ground even though she’s teased and mocked by her former fans and followers…she gives a sh*t of them all and preaches the GOSPEL. This is what one super-natural power can do and how this (unnamed) power is working. I love Ninas Album “Personal Jesus” which is pure gospel…and I dedicate my little dumb artwork to her and to the super-natural power she’s been saved by.

Go, Nina, GO!

Nice artwork of Nina Hagen

This is like Nina presents herself to the public…the colours add a lot to the content.

Nina Hagen On Stage

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