Mental Health

— – — —- — — To have it or not to have it — – — – –

— that’s the question.

(more coming soon)

….would you please mind supporting our TROOPS??…..

field commander leonard cohen in action

5 thoughts on “Mental Health

    1. Yes, this will meet my deepest interests and ny most intensive life themes. I thank you Yunes. Come on: where is YOUR blog?? You could be the co-writer of your spouses blog…?!


    1. Hmmm….the topic. I know a lot about that topic. I know much more than other persons can even IMAGINE about that topic. IN FACT I know things about that topic, that are unbearable for newcomers on the scene. Newcomers like….hmmmmm, say “Yunes” or so.


      Nicht übelnehemen. Die menschliche Seele ist das Komplexeste, was auf Erden existiert – es gibt NICHTS Komplexeres. Daher muß man sich der Materie (und dem GEIST) auch sehr behutsam und mit viel Gebet annähern. Ein Fingerschnipsen bringt da noch nicht viel….


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